Interior Design, Decorating and Styling

Why Choose Me

1 - Well, first of all I was born with a natural ability, a natural flair and an eye for aesthetic & detail. Which overtime and through experience has only sharpened... with an inherent need to beautify any situation & space I find myself in!

My endless pursuit of an ideal, beauty & romance is the driving force behind my creative approach to working & living

2 - Back in 2007, I completed the Nanette Cameron interior design course at the Te Tuhi center for the Arts in Auckland

3 - Since 2008 I made a living out of sourcing & selling good design home furnishings. More precisely with Antique pieces. As I am french, I imported French & Italian (glamorous) pieces thru my website Chic Nostalgie ltd ( But I also sourced accessories from all around the world.

I also custom ordered 3 ranges of repro art deco mirrored furniture which was a successful venture as well.

4 - As a person and as a lifecoach, I seek to inspire & help people; one aspect in particular is through their home/decorating projects and in their quest for beauty.. which becomes a way of life... a philosophy that extends to the smallest detail... a behavior... (a therapy even!) And so through the medium of decorating, I like to lead them to beauty, because beauty is a path to spiritual enlightenment... and so I believe that this is my life's purpose. For me, this is how I can make the best use of my spirituality and creativity! This is my 'higher calling' and what makes me happy!

5 - When I am not sourcing the most gorgeous piece of something for my clients, you will find me on pinterest seeking endless inspiration for my vision boards!

6 - I understand the challenges of creating balance and harmony in your home while using pieces that you love and integrating new ones as our taste & trends evolve... This is where my skills and expertise come into play.

7 - I love a new challenge, love to take new risks, explore new ideas... and this is why at the dawn of 2017, it is time for me to create this website!